The ultimate
app for diabetics

Recipes and Meal Planning

With diabetIQ, you’ll have access to hundreds of exclusive recipes that are low on carbs but high on flavor. Receive suggested meal plans each week, or build your own.

Health Tracking

Keep track of blood glucose, insulin, carb intake, and exercise. See an interactive graph to track your progress over time.

Challenge Yourself to be Healthier

We understand how difficult it can be to maintain healthy habits, so we’ve created fun maps to track your journey to a happier life. Earn points that you can spend on exclusive books and other goodies.

Why did we build diabetIQ?

There aren't any apps that "get" what it's like to live with diabetes, because finding health and happiness as a diabetic is not just about tracking your blood glucose level. It's about staying motivated by having fun and eating great food. It's about a thirst for discovery and knowledge. Most of all, it's about coming to the realization that your brightest days are ahead and that we are here to walk with you along your personal journey towards a healthier and happier life.